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Silver jewelry tarnish reason

Why does the silver jewelry would turn black when it is put on the light.

The chemical of silver material is not particularly stable,it would turn black silver sulfide when it react with the sulfur dioxide easily under the high temperature light in the open air.

What are the reasons for the turning black of the silver jewelry?

1.Everyone's endocrine and physical condition is not the same, some people sweat more acid, some people are less, and some people's body fluids in the sulfur content is relatively high, these are the material which cause the silver jewelry’s surface turning black,so each wearer will produce different results, some people will be bright as the new one in half year.

2. The corrosive action to the silver jewelry is caused by the sulfur,nitric acid and oxides in the air and other substances(such as cosmetics).

The wearer takes the silver jewelry for a long time, sulfur and silver will be formed in a layer of black silver sulfide film on the jewelry furface, at the beginning,it shows some small spots, and then spread into pieces, the formation of what people usually say, Become black, affecting the surface of silver jewelry shiny, people usually think that fade.



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