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Clean sterling jewelry methods

925 Sterling silver jewelry is a kinds of fashionable jewelry in our daily life,but it would be black after it oxidizes later. So now,we hope we can teach you how to clean the 925 sterling silver jewelry,and let it keep bright.

Silver polishing cloth

If the sterling jewelry is just a little tarnish,a silver polishing cloth is better,you just brush it by a back and forth slight motion.Then the sterling jewelry would turn shinning again.Notice:The silver cloth is available easily in the silver jewelry shop. 


If the silver jewelry is black,put the tooth paste on the black place,use a silver polishing cloth,brush it back and forth.Then black would be faded soon. 


Some people told me that cola is good for cleaning the oxidized silver jewelry.It is said that we can immerse the oxidized silver jewelry into the cola for 12 hours.Then the silver jewelry would be shiny again.We are not sure if it is success.But you can try.



Use a silver polishing cloth and dip some vinegar.Then brush the silver jewelry back and forth.

Silver washing liquid

If you feel the above methods is failing to cleaning the silver jewelry well,you can use the professional silver washing liquid.But we advice the wearer not to use the silver washing liquid frequently.Because it is not good for the silver jewelry and people health.



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