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Some effect of the silver jewelry

Silver ions have a strong bactericidal effect, it is good for the human body. It not only has economic value,but also it can be the poison testing tools. In China,the ancients said that the health and wealth will go hand in hand when people wear the silver jewelry,it is not only because of the silver is the precious metals, but also it is more effective than the gold on human health.

The silver can detect the food is toxic or not, because silver can react easily when it touch the toxins material,if the food contain the toxic substance,the silver would turn black,it is easy to identify with the naked eye.

Silver has excellent antibiotics and sterilization, the general antibiotic can only play an effect on six kinds of bacteria, but the silver can eliminate 650 kinds of bacteria.

Long time ago,the Chinese ancients know that silver can accelerate wound healing, prevent infection, purify the water quality and preservation.And in traditional Chinese medical science,It can prevent the growth of bacteria, safety five internal organs, mind, stop fright etc.

The thermal conductivity of silver is the most prominent,and it rapidly dissipates the heat of blood vessels.This sharp thermal conductivity can reduce the heat of the blood flow,it could be prevention of various diseases. Silver has the function of absorbing toxicity, which is the causes of its discoloration.Therefore, it has excellent disinfection properties. This discoloration is only surface reaction and is eliminated with toothpaste or medicine. This shows that the importance of silver jewelry on people health.

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