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How to maintain the sterling silver jewelry?

A lot of people like sterling silver jewelry,but they do not know how to maintain it in daily life.In fact, we only spend some time in making these things, you can make the sterling silver jewelry looks like the new one. 

1.The best way to keep the silver jewelry well is wearing it every day, because the body oil can make it look luster. 

2.Do not wear other metal jewelry while wear silver jewelry.In order to avoid collision and deformation. 

3.Keep the sterling silver jewelry dry, do not wear it by swimming, do not close to the hot springs and sea water. When you are not wearing it,wipe it by a cotton cloth slightly,then put it in seal package or box so that it would avoid contacting with the open air. 

4.The sweat and acid substance would speed up the oxidization of the silver jewelry,make the silver jewelry with black soon.So do not wear it when you do the sport. 

5.The perfume and cosmetics would be negative influence to the silver jewelry.Do not let them contact with each other directly. 

6.If you found the sterling silver jewelry with a little signs of yellow, you can use the toothpaste and wet cloth to polish the sterling jewelry. To the silver jewelry’s concave place,you can wipe it by a small jewelry brush.The silver jewelry would be as the new one soon. 

7.If the sterling silver jewelry is yellowing serious,we have to immerse it into the silver wash liquid.But immerse it just for seconds,then wash it by water.And dry it by a cloth. 

8.If you can restore 80% of the silver white color situation, it is not need to use the silver wash liquid, because this professional wash liquid is corrosive,if people misuse it,the silver jewelry would yellow more and more easily.  

9.The sterling silver jewelry would be black easily if you don’t collect it well after wear it.And please notice that,to the wearer without the professional cleaning tools, the sterling silver jewelry is hard to brush it white again after it is oxidized for so many times.Of course,if you encounter this question,please contact us.



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