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1: Are you a jewelry factory?

Yes,we have our own factory in Panyu,Guangzhou,China.

2.Can you make the customized designs?

Yes,we can make the designs according to your request.Only if you send us the photoes and tell us about your design conception.

3.What kinds of jewelry your factory makes?

Our main jewelry is the 925 silver jewelry.

As well,we make the K gold jewelry for the clients.

4.What is your factory advantage?

We have a professional jewelry production line,a full set of jewelry equipment,a design team.We sure you would like our products very much.

5.What is the lead time?

Normally,the sample lead time is 10-15 days.The mass production lead time is 18-25 days.

6.What is your product quality?

We just make the excellent quality jewelry since we run the jewelry business.

7.What is your factory’s main market?

Our main markets are Unite State,Canada,Australia,Europe,China etc.

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