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About us

Guangzhou Loveday Jewelry Co.,Ltd. was established in 2009 with its factory in Panyu district,Guangzhou,China.

Loveday is a jewelry manufacturer which is engaged in the business of design,manufacture and sale of various 925 sterling silver jewelry and gold jewelry.

The company's main business is offering the OEM and ODM custom service of 925 sterling silver jewelry and  K gold jewelry with precious and semi-precious stones.The categories are including the 925 silver ring,925 silver necklace,925 silver bracelet,925 silver bangle,925 silver earring,925 silver pendant,925 silver brooch,925 silver cufflink etc.

After 8 years technology innovation and development,Loveday currently has a series of jewelry production equipment(casting, grinding,polishing,soldering,laser equpiment etc).The greatest advantage is our production line with more than 50 experienced craftsmen.Including a design team with 6 members and a quality control team with 4 members which can support us to make the jewelry well. All production phases are completed in our facilities in Panyu(Guangzhou) factory to secure quality control and our high quality standards.

Our mission is to bring to the clients the best quality and the best values in Silver Jewelry & Gold Jewelry.

Quality for the end consumer is the key priority for us, and we are committed to fulfilling our promises.

With these advantages,we get the good reputation from our clients who come from USA,Canada,Europe,Australia etc.

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